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END OF SEASON - 29/04/2024

First of all, we’d thank you to everyone who has supported us in any capacity this season.

Our volunteers, donators, anyone who has attended one of our events, and everyone who has helped with our displays!


Displays have obviously drastically improved this season post relaunch.

We wanted to achieve something that would significantly impact the match day experience of every single match with the finances/resources at our disposal including orchestrating a number of unique displays across the season. 

We feel we’ve more than achieved our remit and are especially proud of our unique displays! 

Our plans for next season are to dramatically improve the scale of our match to match displays and to produce some more of our unique displays.


We hosted two nights across the season which went better than we could have ever expected, they were:

• Tony Adcock in October
• Karl Duguid in March


The nights were hosted by the superb Ben Fryer from BBC Essex and were a great income for the group. We wanted to keep the tickets reasonable and priced at a lowly £5.

Other Monkey Brewing were superb hosts and allowed us essentially free rein of the brewery upstairs!

Club United

We initially discussed alternative formats with the club to ensure the money would be used efficiently in some form. Whether that be a deadline/veto system or another system following a similar route. However, with nothing arising from these conversations we stuck with the current format.

It’s worth stating that it can be a long and difficult process getting proposals through Club United in its current format. However, we have had some recent successes despite this! The new murals/vinyl's which were recently fitted will soon be joined by concourse entry point flags and a new feature length banner for the South Stand.

We hope that all of these will help to contribute towards a significant shift in the feel of the stadium & perhaps People's FEELINGS towards it too…

Bring Your Scarf

The bring you scarf campaign was started in the build up to the Cowley’s first match.

We had amazing success with this initiative and it was so overwhelming to see everyone so on board, especially when those scarves started spinning pre-match!

This was a project that the club backed too which helped to make it such a successful initiative.

The Club

Some staff at the club have been incredible for us this season, far and beyond what we could’ve expected and there has also been a consistent direct line of communication throughout the whole of the season. 

The South Stand stewards have been nothing short of excellent for us too.

They’ve showed patience and trust which has allowed us to move in and out of areas in order to be able to coordinate displays on a match day.

This has been slowly built over the course of the season, long may it continue!

We started the season hoping to hold regular meetings with the club to discuss any improvements/issues that we could work towards or resolve. However, after the initial couple of meetings we’ve had not a meeting since November despite the club indicating they would be receptive to regular meetings. This has meant that we have struggled to ensure that both parties are aligned, as much as we could be, on improving aspects of the club. we're hoping this will be improved in the near future, fingers crossed.

The Council

We’ve also tried to work with the council on securing some space for some murals in and around the town centre but have received complete radio silence after some initial interest. It is such a shame they couldn’t follow up on anything they said.

Finally, we hope you’ve liked what we’ve achieved this season and that you’re as excited for the future as WE ARE TOO! We go bigger and better next season!

Up The U’s


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